Thanks for stopping by, I’m Jen, a mom to twin boys,  who is holiday and dessert obsessed, a health enthusiast, a wanna be baker & ballet dancer, who also loves to hoard beauty products, eat chocolate and binge on TV after my kids go to bed (#imsobasicitsembarassing)

I created this website back in 2015 under a different name to launch my health counseling practice, but after becoming a mom of two I found it almost impossible to keep up with everything I had set out to do - sleep deprivation does that to a person. - However, I still deeply desired to share about health & wellness - but wanted it to be more with a motherhood focus .. and figured blogging could be the perfect starting point…

… So that is what I am here doing…writing about my journey in motherhood, sharing tips and tricks I am learning along the way in my attempt to balance health, home & family + anything else fun I find that I think other moms might also enjoy -

My goal is to share what I've learned and save you time and stress, allowing you to enjoy and maintain a healthy lifestyle while dealing with the chaos of everyday mom life

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There is so much I wish to share on this little blog. As I mentioned. my first intention with my website was to help other women balance their health and wellness because it was something I struggled with greatly.

Since age four I have been battling severe and often times debilitating migraines and anxiety. When I was in my early 20s I ‘took my health back’ by learning how to find what worked for my body. I was able finally shed those unwanted pounds, eliminate most of my anxiety and keep migraines away, well most of the time at least, I still had my moments, but it was way more under control than in my past (and without the need of medication!).

I had my health routine pretty down pat and knew I was able to teach others, I even got certified as a health counselor to go along with my MA in psych. I so very much wanted to teach others what I had learned from my journey and help them find solutions to their own struggles.

I was just about to finally launch my business - and then found out I was pregnant….

...when I found out I was pregnant, I was so scared and SO not ready, even though it was something I wanted for a while, to start a family of my own. We had JUST moved to CA from NY, like literally, just, we were not even settled in and three weeks later. BAM, positive pregnancy test.

About a week after that, the sickness kicked in. This was NOT what I expected pregnancy to be like at all, constantly throwing up, cramps, boobs that were in so much pain I could barely shower and I had food aversions to basically everything.

Then after 3 months and 2 sonograms, we found out we were expecting twins!

A mere 2 weeks after that found out they were identical mono/mono twins ( a super rare and extremely high risk pregnancy ) and maybe 3 weeks after that I was diagnosed with cervical insufficiency, leaving me with a cerclage and on bed rest.

I had a 7-week hospitalization, our boys had a 5 week NICU stay, then after being home for about a month one my littles needed to undergo surgery.

After all of this some intense postpartum anxiety and depression kicked in. It took me well over a year to get help for it and even a couple of years later I still feel like I am still adjusting hormonally to everything that my body and mind went through.

Life right now is hectic. Some days it feels like forever before it gets to be that moment where I can finally lay down for a moment of peace. But the years already feel like they are flying by. Something that kind of causes anxiety. Because I want to be present and enjoy as much of my children as possible without being consumed by a never ending to do list or planning.

That is partially how I restored my connection to my faith. Realizing how much I needed to take that time to slow down. To spend time in prayer and have the support of something greater than I was to help me navigate this motherhood journey.

I thank you for spending the time to read about my story and hope you will dig into more on this blog to get to me better. Please leave your comments so I can learn more about you and we can travel on this mom-ing road together!


I was born without a thyroid (I have been on synthyroid since I was a week old!)

I have a Masters Degree in Psychology

I love classic rock and grunge and my favorite bands are The Doors & The Smashing Pumpkins

I have a deep love of anything 90s, nostalgia at its finest

I was waaayyy into the spiritual/new age stuff and it actually lead me back to my Christian faith

I am OBSESSED with Hallmark Movies, especially during Christmas (which, is of course, my favorite time of year)

When I was in 4th Grade I told my Dad during our fishing trip I would catch a shark- and I did!

Due to having bad anxiety as a teenager I lived in an all girls school for 10th and 11th grade (it was actually kind of fun!)

finding grace in chaos
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