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Must Have {non-toxic} Skincare Products for Pregnancy

When I became pregnant I really wanted to overhaul my beauty routine because there were things I was using that I didn’t feel comfortable with. Your skin can absorb so many chemicals I didn’t want to put anything in or on my body that could potentially be harmful. I also was suffering from SEVERE acne. They were huge cystic pimples and I could not get them to go away. Using salicylic acid is a big no no when pregnant, so I got to googling and bought a bunch of things to try. As I have continued my search in clean beauty products I have found a few brands that are way better than I used when I was pregnant.

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Mono/Mono Pregnancy

I have been wanting to write about my twin pregnancy experience for a while now. I felt the one year anniversary of going inpatient was the perfect time.

When we were told we were having twins I was shocked. Like if I wasn’t laying on the table i would have passed out on the floor kind of shocked. I was 12 weeks pregnant and had already had numerous sonograms where it truly looked like only ONE baby.  So I have to admit I was in denial for a good week that there was no way I had two growing babies inside of me.

We had to wait about 2 weeks to go to a place for a high definition sonogram so they could find out more about what type of twins we were having, which I didn’t think much of, I figured it would be a boy and girl. I didn’t know too much about twins except there were fraternal and identical twins.

What I expected to be a normal 10 minute sonogram ended up being over an hour long.

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