Fall & Halloween Book List for Toddlers

Fall & Halloween (2).png

We are really into books in our house and have been building our kids book collection since they were born. When it comes to the fall and holidays, I am kind of obsessed with collecting new ones to add to our shelves, however sometimes, you can’t buy ALL of the books! Even though we always have a bunch of seasonal books around for our toddlers, I have found the best thing to do is to go check out the local library to see what is available first. Then we pick a few of the favorites to buy and add to the collection. Sometimes your library might not carry the book you are looking for, but you can still request it from other ones in your area. So if you are on a tight budget, instead of buying check that option out first! If you are looking to make some new fall and Halloween book purchases, I have linked them directly to Amazon (just click the image of the book you want to learn more about)! And for those library trips, I created a free printable for you below, click the book list image or button and save to your phone or print!

Happy Reading!