Losing the {twin} Baby Weight

During my twin pregnancy (two years ago) I gained a whopping 75lbs! Being hospitalized and on bed rest didn’t help the weight gain or my body trying to bounce back. I was comparing myself to so many other women who seemed to give birth and be back to their size 2 bodies the next week and I felt like total crap about myself. I was someone who actually enjoyed working out and living a pretty healthy lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong I always enjoyed my ice cream and cookies too but for the most part I was able to balance everything out pretty well and stay fit after losing a lot of weight in my early 20s.

But the pregnancy weight was something totally different. I gained weight mainly because I couldn’t eat anything for months except the beloved carb. I know many of you had this happen too because the morning sickness (or in my case all day sickness) was so bad that a cookie or cracker was the only thing that didn’t make me want to vom all day.

Once I got home from the hospital I was SO happy to not be eating hospital food anymore - after SEVEN weeks of almost all hospital food - I totally over did it on REAL LIFE foods. Between that and the stress of having my boys in the NICU combined with muscle atrophy, weight loss became a huge struggle. It was something that I made myself feel bad for EVERY DAY. I know better than to fill my body with crap and I knew I could do better, but I was drowning in diapers, stress and sleep deprivation, so it was easy to let other things slip. 

I also turned into a stress eater! Something that I NEVER was. I have always been anxious, and the anxiety would make me lose my appetite. But after giving birth, I have no idea what happened, but stress eating cookies and ice cream became my thing.

At 5 months postpartum I was still in pain from my c-section healing, mainly because of the muscle atrophy, but I tried to push through a workout program because I thought if I worked out then I would lose the weight. I was eating on and off healthy. You know where you have a week of perfect meal prep and planning and then it all falls to hell because you had a couple of nights where the baby(ies) were up ALL night. As hard as I tried I was never able to stick with anything long term.

In the beginning of the year a friend of mine had mentioned that she was doing Weight Watchers, someone who also had two babies in two years. So, she clearly knew the struggle of baby weight! I tried it and even though I had lost a few pounds I gave up. I don't know why exactly I think it was more my pride than anything. Being trained as a health and wellness coach I was getting angered by seeing foods that weren’t many points but were full of crappy ingredients and I knew that wasn't going to improve my health. I mean I wanted to lose weight, but I also didn't want to be putting a lot of chemicals into my body either and I felt like Weight Watchers wasn’t as health conscious as it should be in helping others (including myself lose weight). Which really was stupid, because you obviously don't have to choose those foods, it was just an excuse I made so that I could try take one hundred percent control of the situation (yes, I have control issues).

I said that I could do it myself, follow my own programs again like I did (before kids) and be a success. Well I tried that, and it was NOT a success. I just ended up feeling defeated and like a big {fat} failure at basically everything (on top of control issues, I am also {a bit} dramatic!)

A few months ago, the boys turned two and I was looking at myself in the mirror completely horrified that I let two years pass and was barely able to get any weight off. I hated myself. I cried, I bitched and moaned, because I am really good at that, and I prayed for the strength and support to just commit to something.

What came to me was to try Weight Watchers again. I was hesitant, but it was getting to the point that losing the weight was now more important than my pride and how I “used” to do things. What was my old life is not the same now as a mom. I can be healthier, and I can make good decisions for my family. But I had to let go of this stress of wanting everything to be so perfected and doing it all on my own.

Once I stuck to it I finally started to lose the weight! It has been about three months now and I have lost close to 15 pounds! This is without a ton of working out either. I really still struggle with finding the time each day to get in the workout I crave but as I learn to be more patient and we switch to a new fall schedule I will get that piece of the puzzle to finally fit.

So, here are my pros and cons of Weight Watchers as a health coach and a busy mom of {two} toddlers

WW pro%2FCon list (1).png



Easy to follow, instead of counting each calorie you are just using points.

Extra calories for those moms who are breastfeeding. I have a friend doing this now, she has lost 20 pounds and is still breastfeeding and has not had her supply go down! That is HUGE!

You are able to scan all foods, so if you maybe snacked on a couple of those chicken nuggets from your kids’ lunch, you can scan the package and know how many points to deduct from your day

You can create your own recipes and track the points. This one is amazing because if you have family favorite meals you make you can just enter all of the ingredients and get a points value. So, there is not major adjustments to your go to meals

It “tricks” you into choosing healthier foods. You might want that chocolate and the pizza but at the end of the day you are saving points for the things you really do want. It allows  you go grab that piece of fruit for a snack or having a salad for lunch, so you can enjoy that another treat during the week.


Some options they suggest in their recipes are not the healthiest of food choices. For example, I always look for the dessert recipes and I noticed that they were using cool whip because it was low on calories/points. But this is a chemicalized crap food. The health coach in me wanted to scream (and is what turned me off at first) but if you use discernment you can easily find better things to use your points on that still are not a ton of points. 

Healthy food options are high points, things like avocado, nuts and seeds are excellent sources of fat and your body does need a good dose of healthy fats for proper functioning. If you are wise with your points though you can easily learn how to incorporate these fats instead of say having those extra empty carb treats.

The app and meetings cost money, as does most things. The app, however if a lot cheaper and it allows you to track your points, weight and scan the foods! I think it is worth the money, but if you are having money struggles I found this great article that helps you learn how to figure out how many points you should be consuming, then you can manually calculate your points.

At the end of the day Weight Watchers has been a Godsend for me. I have found success and known as I keep going I will reach my pre-baby weight again. If you are interested in trying for yourself, you can get started here - and get a free month when you sign up! (trust me, it's worth it!)

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