How to Live Healthier on a {tight} Budget

Have you ever felt like living a healthier lifestyle was hard to do, especially with kids? Have you tried but given up on the idea of it because it either costs too much or it was just impossible to keep up with?

If you have, I am with you! Actually writing this makes me feel so embarrassed because before I had kids I lived that SUPER healthy lifestyle. I even got certified as a health & wellness coach! I have a really good idea of what you should be staying away from when it comes to chemicals in your food and environment and I know what you can do to improve your health, lose weight and gain energy. BUT even while being trained in all of this it honestly felt impossible keep up with it as a new mom of twins.

What started to happen was this suffocating guilt. I was beating myself up for buying products that weren’t as good for myself or my family because I couldn’t afford everything I had in the past. I know someone is going to comment that it isn't more expensive to live / eat healthier and you are saving money in the long run because of medical issues. But I beg you, please just keep those comments to yourself. Comments like that make other people start to feel completely inadequate and like they are failing and let me tell you that is 100% how I felt/ feel, like I was failing. I knew I could do better, but it just wasn’t working out no matter how much I was trying.

Knowing the things to do and being able to keep up with it all while trying to raise very young kids is NOT easy.  If you are lucky enough to have round the clock nanny care then maybe it is more doable but I would say for the 95% of us other moms, that is not our reality.

We don’t have endless money to spend and we don't have a lot of extra time. Perhaps one day these things will shift for us, but if this is your reality right now, then read on, because I have some tips that I have found helpful for those wanting to live a healthier life when they have NO time, NO extra money to spend and feel totally overwhelmed by making lifestyle changes while raising tiny humans (+ caring for a home, working, etc.).

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So this one, does take a little bit of time but after you figure out where your money is going when it comes to food and household essentials then you will be able to make way better decisions.


For the next couple of weeks to month, review your receipts to see what types of products you are buying. Are you buying a lot of junk snacks that you could switch out for some healthier options?

I have found that a lot of snacks that are crappier (like chips and cookies) are not really that much cheaper now a days compared to brands that might have healthier ingredients in them. If you are someone who buys a ton of fresh fruit and veggies for the family and then at the end of the week find that you are not eating them all then start to switch to frozen! There is NOTHING wrong with frozen foods and many places like Costco, Trader Joes and even Whole Foods have frozen items that are very doable in price and last a lot longer.

Every week, start to swap out some of the items that are not as healthy and replace with things that you know you and your family will actually enjoy but without as many artificial ingredients.



Making your own baked goods and house cleaning products can save you a lot of time and money each month. Pick a day that you can spend some extra time doing these things, if you plan ahead you can get some homemade goodies made for a couple of weeks and in a short amount of time so it doesn't take away from your regular weekly tasks.

You can make cookies, muffins, biscuits and freeze, refrigerate or store them in glass containers. I love doing this because I know where all of my ingredients are coming from and I can always add in some extra nutrients for my family that we wouldn't necessarily get when buying packaged snacks.


I also like to make a couple of beauty and house cleaning supplies at home. This saves a lot of money and it is also a lot safer for your home. I don’t make a lot of my own products yet just some basics, some of my favorites are a 2 ingredient body and face scrub, fabric and air fresheners and multi surface cleaners. All of these can be made way in advance and stored in glass jars or spray bottles. I have also found that I enjoy many of these items much more than products I can buy in the store.


To save time and money I love having access to some monthly subscriptions. Becareful with subscriptions though this because some stuff is not worth the monthly orders. Look for subscriptions that you can always skip monthly, which means they do not require you to make monthly orders to be part of the subscription and always look for ones that have extra perks, like money back or free products!

This is something you have to do some research on first too and price check. There are some places that are still cheaper to get hosuehold items from, for example I LOVE Grove Collaborative, for the most part they offer great discounts on healthier brands, but there are a few products I have found that are still cheaper (by like 2 dollars or so) in Target! So it is really important to keep those receipts to review and get to know your prices to find the best deals.

My two favorites are Amazon Subscribe & Save (this is a big saver especially when you have Prime!) and Grove Collaborative. If you are interested in using essential oils for greener cleaning, beauty and health then Young Living has a rewards program that is worth looking into as well.


This is when things like essential oils come in handy. You can get a lot of benefits out of one tiny bottle! For me, I find it worth the money. I can make beauty balms, household cleaners and diffuse in the house to keep my mood and energy calmer. Something like castile soap has a multitude of uses, from cleaning the kitchen floor to being safe for your kids bath. Products in your kitchen like oils, baking soda and vinegar can be used to make beauty products (like a face scrub) or a fabric refresher. The best part is daily essential products such as these often can be purchased at places like Costco where you are getting more for money and you know they won’t spoil any time soon.

how to live healthier on a budget

I hope some of these tips will help you start to save some time and money while making healthier choices for your family without the overwhelm. As I discover more tips and tricks I will be sure to share here. If you want updates on articles, product recommendations or freebies be sure to get on my email list or join me on instagram @finding_grace_in_chaos !