Should You Start A Mom Blog?

how to start a mom lifestyle blog

When I first started my website, I created it for my holistic life coaching business. As I started to work with clients and spend time creating programs - things started not feeling right to me.

It was not aligned to what my lifestyle was.

Yes, I knew a lot about health, wellness, nutrition and spirituality.

I knew I could teach on these topics well.

By my life was about my twin boys. I was elbow deep in toys, poop diapers and tantrums,

and I honestly felt a little silly talking about staying healthy when I was struggling with this myself.
Before kids I did my meal planning, ate the 80/20 or often times 90/10 and worked out 5-6 times per week, sometimes 2 hours a day (I know, crazy right!?). I had a self-care routine down, I journaled, I slept at least 8 hours a day.

That lifestyle was no longer relatable, or doable with two new babies and being a first time mom.

I had now experienced a complex pregnancy, complete with cervical insufficiency, bed rest and a 2-month hospitalization, c- section and 5-week NICU stay - the health routine I had once known and lived by was so far gone. Honestly, I don’t even know who that person was anymore!

Sleep deprivation, postpartum anxiety and depression and a 75-pound weight gain didn't help matters much when it came to my self-esteem.

As I was caring for these two precious miracles I still had my head that I was going to start my business right away and coach other women.

So, I kept trying, but kept stumbling, because it was not right. The timing was not right, the topics were not right. I then made myself feel worse by following women who were successful coaches in the areas I wanted to excel in. Only these women didn’t have any kids, some were not even married and those who did had older kids. It was not even close to relatable to my life. Yet I compared and made myself feel like total shit for trying but failing. Not only at my business goals but also my health and family ones.

The pressure I put on myself with my coaching, mommying, health and life in general started to suffocate me. There were other family matters going on and the thought of trying to do all of this made me have nightly breakdowns.

I actually thought I was going to lose my mind and be locked away. I could not control my emotions at all.

I finally called it quits and said I had to stop something and just focus on my health and my kids.

Still wanting to have a creative outlet and having put so much time into my website it had all of a sudden dawned on me to just blog. To just write about my mommying life! There was so much I could talk about and it would be so easy to still give other moms helpful tips on healthy living and taking care of a home (while raising twins!) as I was trying to figure it out!

As I started to research more on JUST blogging, I realized this was not only perfect for me, but my soul was calling to me that THIS WAS IT! I soon realized I could start making money with this as well. I had no idea there was this perfect option out there all along, but God shows you the way, when you are ready!

If you are like me, a mom who wants to start something, but no idea where to start, I have a few Soulful Mom Blogging Tips I think could help!

1. Find Your Passion!

For me it is talking about health and wellness, that is my background and I LOVE it, but I also love talking home decor, baking and anything mom life. It was easy for me to start to combine this into blog topics once I sat down and started to think about what I LOVE! So, what do you enjoy and could talk about all day?

2. Write & Journal Just for You!

Just start to write! This will also help you to find what you are passionate about. You don’t have to publish it yet. Just start writing, make lists of things you want to blog about and how much you know vs. how much research you need to do.

3. Look to Bloggers Who Inspire You!

Check out other mom bloggers and people who you enjoy reading content of. There are A LOT of people out there blogging now- a days. It is helpful to look at other people that inspire you and see what you might be able to do as a creative outlet for all of your ideas! Just remember, to not compare or get overly consumed by this like I did. Once I found the people who were like me, doing what they loved, and making money to help support their family, I started to feel a huge boost of confidence

4. Find the Blogging Platform that Works Best for You!

I did not have the time to play around with WordPress (though, I do believe, it is the best blogging platform). I had already developed a website with Squarespace and just decided to tweak that to accommodate my blog. Start looking into different blogging platforms: WordPress, Squarespace, Blogger. Find what you like most appeals to you and feels like it won’t be a chore to work on.