Healthy Momma Gift Guide


As Mother’s Day approaches you might be looking for a gift that mom will love and actually use. The gift guide is put together by a health conscious momma who would love every item here. Honestly, I use basically all of these myself, so I know they are amazing products!! 

Explore each of the items below to learn more. There are various options with most of the products so you can customize to your liking!


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#1 Pranamat: this is a great way for moms to reduce the stress and help loosen some of those knots in her back. You can learn more directly from Pranamat here but to make ordering easy Amazon also sells them- so if you are last minute shopping you can get one overnight! These mats also come with different options. You can get the full set with a pillow or you can get just the mat.

#2 Bluecorn Beeswax Candles: a fantastic alternative to Soy candles, did you know beeswax can actually help purify the air!? What a great gift to get mom, she can light a candle and relax while also “cleaning” the air in her home. These come in a variety of scents too, made with essential oils, take your pick of which ones are best for your mom!

#3 Salt Lamp: Every health conscious mom probably wants one of these, again another way to purify the air and reduce the toxins in your home. It also gives off a relaxing glow that your mom can use before bed while reading or sitting in the bath.

#4 Lululemon Backpack: What yoga mom doesn’t love some lululemon. If you know a new mom who also loves to workout, out of the house, this is a stylish, yet practical backpack she can use to carry around her after workout essentials or baby items of her choice. Remember to also check out their leggings, these are so super soft and such a luxurious legging treat for any mom!

#5 Essential Oil Diffuser: One of the easiest ways I have found to relax during the day and night is to use an essential oil diffuser! It takes zero effort and helps keep the air calm around you. Many oils also have other health benefits to reduce feelings of depression and clean and purify the air. Keep mom and kids calmer with one of these must have healthy mom items.

#6 Beautycounter Bath Set: Choosing safer beauty products is a must nowadays. There are so many chemicals that are we are being exposed to everyday through our bath and beauty products. Give your mom the gift of safer beauty with this body scrub and butter. This is probably the BEST scrub I have ever used, leaving you with a fresh lemon scent and glowing skin!

#7 Essential Oils: If you are getting your mom a diffuser you better reach for some essential oils too! This starter set from Young Living has everything your mom needs to get started with oils! NOW Foods also has very good oils for your diffuser which you can find in Whole Foods or on Amazon.

#8 Hydro Flask Water Bottle: We all know the #1 way to stay healthy is to drink a lot of water. So why not get your mom a stylish water bottle to keep at her side all day! This hydroflask is a great option. But if you are looking for a different style you can try these by S'well or this one from Yeti!

#9 Jade Yoga Mat: treat your mom to a new yoga mat. These are natural rubber,  Eco - Friendly, long lasting yoga mats! The story behind the company is also awesome! You can visit their website to learn more and as with all items here can order right from Amazon. They have a huge variety of color choices to so you can get your mom a new mat in her favorite shade!

#10 Alter Eco Chocolate: Okay, so for real, what mom doesn’t want some chocolate? We might say we don't but, come on we all love a little treat! Alter Eco has a variety of many flavors of Dark Chocolate to choose from. You can find this brand at your local Whole Foods or right here on Amazon. Variety pack and truffles are available!

What I love about these gifts is you can really bundle things together if you want to spend a little more or if not, each is perfect on their own!


Essential Oil Diffuser + Essential Oils

  • Create a gift basket with oils and diffuser

Lululemon Backpack + Chocolate + Beautycounter

  • Fill up your moms new backpack with chocolate, a water bottle and some safer bath and body products

Beautycounter + Candle

  • Create a mini spa set with these items and add in a new loofah and bath brush to complete a bathtime escape for your mom

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