Essential Oil Blends for Spring

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On and off for the past 10 years I have used essential oils. But over the past few months I have become pretty obsessed. I pulled them out again in October after we had wildfires come through where we live in Northern California. We were very fortunate to have a house to come hometo. But the lingering smell of smoke that was in the air was pretty bad and I really didn’t want to be breathing that in, nevermind have our babies be exposed to any possible air pollutants.

That is when I turned to my oils and for a good week we kept the diffusers running in the house with clean air blends. And let me tell you there was a clear difference from when we were using them and when we weren’t. I also realized how much we were affected by the smoke and how important it was to start to take my family's health back.

Although I am a health coach and have learned a lot over the past few years I got off track after having our twins. There has been a lot going on and I hate to say it, but as much as I know how important taking care of yourself and putting your health first is. It fell very low on the list. We had two new babies to care for and everything else that didn’t have to do with keeping them alive kind of just slipped further and further down the list.

But as I said in October a lot changed. My entire focus shifted. I was feeling so overwhelmed and stressed out in basically every area. I also had a new gratitude for our little family and how thankful we were to not have lost our entire home in the fires. I wanted to coach others in health and provide postpartum support but I was still struggling so much. But after all of this, everything just came crashing down to me realizing that all I needed was to put my health and my family first.

After months of refocusing my energy into the things that matter most. I got more ready than I ever have before to share what we have been doing in our home and what I have been doing as a mom to regain my health and sanity.

So on to it. The #1 NO EFFORT thing you can do [as a mom] to increase your mood and decrease stress is to use essential oils. Once I started to do this again I could feel a sense of calm wash over me that I hadn’t felt in a long time. At times it provided me with extra boosts of energy just because of how more centered and relaxed I had become. Other times it helped me to wind down and get a better nights sleep. And as I started to make more of my own sprays for cleaning and air fresheners I felt like I was improving the health of my family by reducing harmful chemicals in the house.
Even though our house is never totally organized, thank you twin toddlers, I atleast can have some soothing scents in the house and know that I am taking charge and helping my family stay healthy. This makes me feel a little more accomplished each day, what mom doesnt want that feeling?

So to help you out I have put together my favorite essential oil blends for the Spring!

I personally use Young Living Essential Oils. I think there are a couple of really good brands out there. So I am not saying this is the only one to use. I just really love the blends they have and I think they have a lot of variety to choose from.


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