Honest Review of Beautycounter: Nourishing Line

review of beautycounter nourishing line

If you are reading this you are probably looking to do an overhaul on your skin and body care products. You know that there are tons of chemicals in many of our everyday beauty products and you want to start to eliminate your exposure to these unnecessary toxins.

Over the past few years I have been trying to switch over to healthier, non toxic products in our home. This goes from our cleaning supplies to my makeup. I found I was a bit more on top of this when I first had my babies. Wanting everything to be as non-toxic as possible and spending more than we could really afford on household cleaning products that were green and safer. As well as switching to other brands of makeup and skincare that I thought were much safer alternatives.

As time went on and bank accounts got smaller I found myself going back to purchasing things which were not as safe or healthy. As I started to get back into a healthier routine I realized how important it was to find products which are safer to use but without the hefty price tag.

I decided that as I ran out of my makeup and skincare products I would replace them with safer brands. I did a lot of research and bought smaller sizes, when I could, of some products to test them out. After a couple of months I have found some of my absolute favorites when it comes to having a safer skincare routine.

Which brings me to Beautycounter. I had been seeing posts about these products for a while now, I am guessing you have been too, and honestly I thought nothing of them. The people who were selling them seemed to have a lot of the network marketing vibe which I can’t stand. But one day I decided to check them out. I was still in search of a good exfoliator. I had been using one that was not at all safe for my body and I found Beautycounter had one! So I gave it a go. It was kind of hard to get past that price tag though. Thirty- Four dollars for a friggin  exfoliator, that is a bunch of healthy foods I could get to nourish my body instead! But I knew that I wanted to have one to keep my, what now feels like rapidly aging skin (#twinmomproblems) looking a little brighter and without extra chemicals or the harsh plastic beads!

And I have to say this WON be over! Like I was so impressed with it, I decided to try a couple of other things. Some not so impressed with and others I am obsessed and will only use. Below I am going to give you my review of my favorite products and why I think they are worth the price and I will tell you what I think you can skip and some other alternatives that I have found which I HIGHLY recommend, and are still safe and organic.

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#1 Nourishing Exfoliator: first of all the smell is AMAZING. I am very sensitive to smells but this has a calming citrus scent that is in no way over-powering. The exfoliator are jojoba beads, my favorite oil in the world! And it just leaves your skin so smooth and refreshed. You have no residue or dry - tight feeling after. If you are looking for a safer exfoliator, look no further and give this a try!


#2 Hydrating Body Lotion: Did you know that your body lotion is most likely full of synthetic ingredients which could be harming your health!? This is one of those products that you should start to research and try to swap out with a healthier product as soon as possible. If you are not into spending money on a lotion, try pure oils like jojoba, coconut oil (for body, not face!), or shea or cocoa butter. You can find these just about anywhere, just try to get something organic. If you are looking for a lightly scented amazingly hydrating lotion, then Beautycounter has you covered! This stuff is GREAT! Again, it has that citrus smell which I find incredibly soothing. It is free of harmful chemicals and it leaves your skin so soft. The Con here is the price tag - and there are other alternatives of lotion, like the oils mentioned above or safer brands and you can just add in your own essential oils for scent. Brands that are better price range are Everyone and Acure. Also Acure has a citrus (orange and clove) which is almost identical to this and is A LOT cheaper. 

#3 Body Oil: If you are looking for an extra dose of hydration. Try the Body Oil! Seriously, I know the shopping cart is filling up and the price looks scary, but  if you have dry skin, the combo of these two are incredible! You are left super moisturized, with no residual buildup and you don’t need to spray any kind of crap perfume for an extra scent because these are both loaded with natural  oils that are healthy and smell amazing! The Con, once again the price tag, and it does not contain as many organic ingredients as other brands! Which is kind of dissapointing, when you are paying over $60 for it! You can create basically the same scent by using essential oils with an oil such as jojoba, avocado or grapeseed. Acure, once again has a citrus oil at about a sixth of the price, so that is something to also look into. I will say though, this oil is one of my favorites and to give myself a treat I like to keep it around! It also works on the hair to calm the frizz, so you can get a lot of use out of it.

#4 Nourishing Day & Night Cream or Countermatch Moisturizer: I actually am more likely to use an oil as my face moisturizer but during the days when it gets hot,  living in California  the summers are sometimes in the 100s, so I need to not have extra oil on my face and I like to have a basic moisturizer that isn't too heavy. I liked both of these a lot, but for the price, it was just too steep to keep buying for a basic face moisturizer, so I am still on the look out for a light one when I am not in the mood to use too much oil. If you need a refresher during days your skin feels more dry, I recommend the Rose Water Mist. But keep on reading to learn more about rose water! UPDATE (2019) Finally found a moisturizer I am actually obsessed with, Honest Deep Hydration!

#5 Face Masks: Beautycounter has 3 face masks, one for brightening, one for plumping and one for balancing. I still have to try the brightening one but if you enjoy doing a face mask once or twice a week. I highly recommend these because most face masks come loaded with chemical loaded ingredients. These are super high quality and leave  you with instant results! Again the price tag is up there. But if it is something you are using once and while, it is good to have something REALLY good to look forward to! 

Okay now I mentioned above, I am going to be very transparent. Even though I LOVE this company. There are few things  you can skip depending on your skincare needs and sensitivities.

The If'y Items

Plumping Serum: In my opinion you should always try things out and not just go based on what others say. But I do think that if you are looking for a plumping serum, I would skip this one. I only say that because it is really pricey and I found a Vitamin C serum by Poppy Austin that I like a lot more and had seen way faster results when it came to improving my skin texture, fine lines and tone. I will say though, the jasmine in this serum is sooooooo good! I have been using it in my hair rather than face! Just because I love the smell and I haven’t really enjoyed it as much as a face oil. UPDATE (2019) I switched to Acure Brightening Serum as well as Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel.

Now before I forget, I do want to talk a little about Rose Water!

Beautycounter has a Rose Water Mist which I do like a lot and provides extra hydration over your makeup throughout the day. Plus, if you can’t handle the smell of just rose water (it can be a little overpowering) then you would probably prefer the mist. Personally I use both. But if you are going to spend money on one, I recommend getting the Pure (100% organic) Rose Water. Why? Because it has nothing extra added to it and pure rose water has a ton of healing properties, including reducing redness, acne and is great at getting rid of excess oil. I take a small cotton pad and put rose water on it, then a drop of jojoba oil and it gets rid of any extra makeup that my face wash did not get! You will be surprised how much extra gunk you might have on your face after you clean it!

The price is also a bit friendlier, My favorite Rose Water is by Poppy Austin and is about 20 dollars and jojoba oil, which you can use as a moisturizer for face and body is about 17 dollars for an 8oz bottle!

At the end of the day only you can decide what might be worth the price when it comes to your beauty routine. But I say start slow and see what might work for you. You might want to start to research the products you are currently using and see where they are on the toxicity scale. Use the website EWG: Environmental Working Group to see what has been verified as safe and what you might want to steer away from.

This also helps to give you some ideas of what you might want to try in the future!

As I continue to purge my beauty products I will be sure to review  so you too, can make better choices for yourself and family. 

Have you tried Beautycounter? Do you think it is worth its price tag?