Valentine's Day Cookie Pie

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Even though we are overall healthy eaters in our home, we also ALL have a pretty big sweet tooth. I was debating what to make for Valentine’s Day since I am one to always bake for special occasions and I couldn’t decide between little heart cakes or cookies. Then I found this amazing cookie pie recipe on Pinterest! It was all peanut butter and chocolate and Reeses and I was in heaven just looking at it.

We often would have a cookie pie for our home date night desserts. The cookie comes out perfect in our cast iron pan.  As my craving for this cookie became increasingly more in my thoughts I decided to come up with a one for Valentine’s Day.

Please note, a lot of my recipes are on the healthier side, but for holidays I go all out and don’t skimp on the junk! So if you are on here looking for something healthy. I assure you this one won’t be it!

I bought Reeses hearts and peanut butter MnMs in the pink and white colors for the cookie decorations.

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The recipe for the chocolate chip cookie dough is my go to recipe. It was my grandmas and for every Christmas I make a ridiculous amount of these cookies. This year was the first year my boys got to try them, since they were infants last Christmas! They went CRAZY over them! The sugar is a little less than normal Chocolate Chip Cookie recipes and with this cookie, I was thinking in the future I might even cut the sugar a little more because I kind of overloaded it with the candy!

It was so cute though and everyone enjoyed! I think this might be a new special treat for other holidays as well!

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