First Week of Lent: Meatless Fridays

This past year has stretched me in ways I could never imagine. Becoming a mother, to twins, has taught me so much about my strength. It also taught me how I much I needed to start to embrace my faith and lean on God for the tough times.

I was born and raised Catholic. However, by my early teens, I decided to pull away from religion and it was not something my parents forced upon me. Although sometimes, I wish they were a little pushier with it. I ended up not making my confirmation, something I am now going to be working on completing so we can be married in a Catholic Church. Although I have never been one to do things by the book. Now that I am a parent, it is important to me and my future husband that we set the best example we can for our boys and we want to establish traditions they can look forward to in their childhood.

Last year, my fiancé wanted to partake in Lent traditions, no meat Fridays and fasting from something of his choosing. I was too wrapped up in my own head and other spiritual beliefs that I did not want to do this. I even mocked him in moments and right now that makes me feel awful.

In October I felt myself being pulled towards embracing my faith and upbringing. I wanted the boys to have a solid foundation in God and having faith. I didn’t want them to be confused. There is a lot to be confused about when it comes to ones spirituality. Once they are older and if they want to explore, I will be more than willing to help them learn. But being so young, it is important to us to follow the traditions in which we were brought up with.

As I got older and have gone through everything I have over the past two years. My faith has been renewed. I was studying spiritual concepts for a while. I had created my own rituals, I prayed but something was lacking. That is when I had the tug in my heart to opening up to something greater than myself. All of the religion classes came flooding back and I felt the need to study my family's religious traditions in greater detail. Once I did, I knew I was home. I knew what I was lacking and all of those things that were hard for me to embrace in just “being spiritual” easily flowed once I brought God back into my life.

I have fear in writing this article. As others I know may judge or ridicule this part of me. But I created this blog to be as transparent on my journey. This is a HUGE part of my motherhood journey. I didn’t think it would be at the time of starting this. But I am excited to share more as I evolve and grow in my faith and family traditions.

So to start this off I decided I would talk about food. Since that was a foundation for my blogging!

We have decided to stick to our No Meat Fridays and for Lent we both have decided to rid our bodies of wheat products. This is due to the fact that we are both big carb lovers and both need to lose weight and know it’s helping us hold on to these unwanted pounds.

If you are also following a Gluten Free diet then this dinner would work great for you and your family as well! Bonus, the Cheese Pie was loved by our toddlers, who have been increasingly picky over these past few weeks!

Tomato Basil Cheese Pie

photo credit: LUM3N

photo credit: LUM3N


For this I actually changed up the crust and instead of using rosemary I used dried basil. There was no basil in our grocery store this week, so I was unable to include that in the pie recipe. But the crust came out AMAZING! In Fact I think when I make this again I am going to go about it in the same way. The boys also loved it which, I am not sure if they would have eaten as much if there was basil in the pie.

We did a bunch of green sides for this meal since it was a little heavier of a dish. Fresh roasted asparagus (surprisingly a favorite among the toddlers!) and broccoli. I made a side salad for us with just mixed greens, tomato and some shaved mozzarella, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

For the boys I made them some zucchini sticks. Which did have breadcrumbs, but this was made for them and I am not having them do the gluten free thing with us. They are way too young in my opinion to omit whole wheat grains.

And because I had some left over cream from the pie and it had to be used up. I decided to make us an indulgent dessert to enjoy this Friday night as we watched some crappy TV together. I found this recipe for Cheesecake Mousse and it was SO good. It was super rich so you do not need a lot of it. I think it would make a great filling for a cake! One day I will give it a try!