5 Ways To Decrease Mom Stress

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Being a mom is hard! It is exhausting. It is overwhelming. Some days you can’t wait for them to go to bed so you have a minute to yourself. Of course, once they go to bed and you do get that break you find yourself looking at photos on your phone and can’t wait for them to wake again so you can kiss and snuggle them.

Motherhood sure does come with a crazy amount of [conflicting] emotions. You can get so lost in your head with so many things to do. Worrying about your child’s every need now and 10 years from now. The thoughts and feelings can be overwhelming and that is why you must take time out of your day and week to be sure you are also being taken care of.   

This is not always easy to do. Some days, it is actually not possible. So I have come up with five ways that I can always get extra me - time in that basically takes no extra effort or time away from my family. These five tips will help you reduce the mom overwhelm, even if just for a moment or evening. But hey, we are moms, we will take anything we can get to regain some sanity, right!?

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This might feel hard to do at first, but once you do, you will always designate a night or two that is 100% dedicated to mom! It is AWESOME! My go-to routines are to take a bath as soon as the kids go to bed, then settle in to bed early for some reading and then watch a movie or tv show that is just for me! If I have a lot in my head that I KNOW has to get done. I take out some paper and write down my to-do list for the next day / rest of the week. It helps me to stay on track knowing I will get to it, get it of my head and know that for me to do a good job with all of those tasks and mommying, it is important I got this one night just for ME!

This is also a great night to tell your husband to do his own thing- within the house of course. I make sure he knows he is on duty if one of the kids gets up, but now they they are older we don’t have that issue as much anymore (for new moms, it does get easier with the sleep, I promise! So if you are not fully there yet, don’t stress). So he goes off and does his thing I do mine. It helps to each have some alone time and I am happy to reciprocate to be the one “on call” if he needs a night with more time just for himself too. This little strategy has improved our relationship and my mental health!


Like the tip above. This one is HARD to do and once you get more practice making those moments for yourself it does get easier. Sometimes it helps to get through the long day if you are able to not clean the kitchen perfectly or fold the laundry when they nap and instead take some time for you. Get in the workout you have been craving, watch a TV show, read a book, write, meditate, NAP! Anything that will make you feel good and refreshed before those kids wake up!


This is probably the easiest stress reducer that takes literally zero effort! All you do is plug in a diffuser add some oils and you can keep it going on and off during the day to help calm your body and mind. If you choose to use essential oils be sure you are getting high- quality, even for using a diffuser! I LOVE Young Living and use their diffuser most of the time. However, I have a small one that is also a humidifier off of Amazon which I also use. If you have never used essential oils you can learn a little more about them here!


Do you find that even with a busy schedule with kids all day you still make the time to glance at your phone one too many times. Checking email, Facebook or scrolling through Instagram when you have a free second? I feel like most of us are guilty of this. It took me a few months to get off of this habit but it works! It frees up your brain and your hands. Do you ever find yourself looking at Facebook and then read  something that is going on in the world or someone going on a vacation that you wanted to do so badly but couldn't and then you are extra grumpy for the rest of the day. You might not even realize that is going on - I didn’t at first. That is, until I stepped away from looking at my phone throughout the day. My tip is to keep your phone around, if you are like us and don’t have a landline, you probably dont want it too far out of reach in case there is an emergency. But keep it up and away and start to make a habit to not look at during the day. It takes some practice. To start, do social media free weekends. Then work your way up to only looking at things at a specific time you set for yourself. You will be surprised how much freer you feel!                                                                                 


One of the top ways to improve your overall health is to forgive yourself. I know this sounds silly but bear with me for a minute! As moms most of us are pretty stressed out and stress can lead to other chronic health issues. Thus, by decreasing your stress you are automatically starting to improve your health. To stop stressing is pretty much going to be impossible. But you can start to take some actions to decrease the feeling of overwhelm by forgiving yourself and accepting that you just can't do everything you want to do each day. Some days are going to be absolute disasters and the best way to conquer the feelings of defeat is to forgive. Forgive and release. Since becoming a mother I found just how important it is to have a spiriutal practice. I have had a lot of depression and anxiety and a lot of it has been caused by feelings of not keeping up with everything I want to do. Once I started to release these feelings of inadequacy over to something greater and acknowledge that I was doing my best for where I currently am in my life, I started to feel a sense of relief. Little by little those feelings I was getting consumed in started to fade a little each day. Of course, this is a work in progress each day and every moment but it does work!