Triple Chocolate Mint Cookies


I had about 8 articles outlined to write for the Christmas season but everything seems to have gone by so fast and there has been complete madness at our house due to two toddlers still adjusting to toddler beds.

The “Mommy” bed is just way more appealing apparently.

So with a lack of sleep, a long // never ending to do list + trying to actually enjoy the holidays my blogging has once again taken a back seat. Something I intend to change for the 2019 year - because I love coming up with new things to talk about and share what has been going on in our little world. Even if no one reads it, it is just fun for me to do. An outlet I now crave as a mom.

I am starting to ramble, but I will talk about that more in the new year!!


Although there are about 100 different cookie recipes I have been working on. Seriously, I have been baking almost nonstop since Thanksgiving.

My body is hating me right now for all of this sugar!

I wanted to share way more but for now I am going to give you the recipe to my most recent and favorite family success, Triple Chocolate Mint Cookies!

These took a couple of rounds to get the sugar right. I am not a fan of having a ton of sugar in cookies, I usually cut down if I follow other recipes. I also wanted the mint to really stand out in these because they are the highlight of the cookie and I refused to use an extract because sometimes it adds more of an artificial taste. #iknowisoundlikeafoodsnob

I also wanted them to be a soft, almost melt in your mouth type of cookie, so after a few rounds of testing and gaining about 5lbs from eating all of these “experiments”- I think I finally got it down.

But you can tell me what you think after you try them for yourself!

I used the medium cookie scoop size for and I think I would recommend because of the chunks of candy in the cookie but they would probably come out just as good as a mini! Remember, you would have to adjust your baking time!

Also, I used the Andes brand (this post is not in any way affiliated with their company). It is one of the favorites chocolates we keep around during Christmas and I had been wanting to turn them into a cookie. I am sure you can find other mint flavored chips to use and it would still come out the same!

chocolate mint christmas cookies

Supplies You Will Need

Hand mixer

Baking / Cookie Sheets

Cookie Scoop

Cooling Rack

Recommended: Parchment Paper

Triple Chocolate Mint Cookies for Christmas
triple chocolate mint cookies christmas cookies
Triple Chocolate Mint Cookies christmas cookies


2 Cups All Purpose Flour

¼ Cup Cocoa/Cacao Powder

¾ Cup Chocolate Chips (for melting)

1 Cup Salted Butter (softened)

2 Eggs

1 Cup Brown Sugar

½ Cup White Sugar

1 tsp Baking Soda

1 box (4.67oz) Andes Mints, chopped

½ Cup Chocolate Chunks



Preheat Oven: 350 degrees

Line baking sheet with parchment paper

Melt chocolate chips in microwave safe bowl or in double boiler, set to side

In a mixing bowl cream sugar and butter

Add in eggs and beat until well combined

Then add in your melted chocolate and vanilla

Slowly add in your baking soda, cocoa powder and flour

Once everything has been well combined fold in your mints and chocolate chunks

Using a cookie scoop, place cookies on baking sheet about 1 - 1 ½ inches apart as these cookies will spread out a little bit

Bake about 12 minutes, adjust to your oven accordingly

Let cookies sit on baking sheet for 1-2 minutes then transfer them to a cooling rack


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