20 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas, Naturally!!!

how to make your house smell like christmas

WOOO!! It is officially “socially acceptable” to be putting up your Christmas tree, listening to Christmas music and watching Hallmark movies all day long. Though let’s be honest, I was already doing two out of three of those already!!

I have always been obsessed with holiday scents. For YEARS I used candles and those wall plug in thingys. After my boys I didn’t really want to use the candles because I just didn’t feel as safe. One, I was forgetful with newborn mom brain and two, those plug in things just did not feel worth the price anymore, they would last like less than a week and it just felt like a total waste of money to me. So I started to make my ‘Christmas Scent’ on the stove. It was super simple, I could keep it on low all day (of course I would still have to remember to shut this off!) but it lasted for a couple of days and filled the house with an amazing cozy scent.

Last year however, I decided to dive back into my oils. I have been using essential oils from Young Living for about 10 years. I am kind of slow at trying a lot of new things, but this past year, I finally dove into all the brand has to offer and each month as I have tried more, I have fallen more in love with the products. I didn’t really have the intention to ever sell these oils but after seeing how much they have improved my home, I felt like I had to start sharing about them more! Like I said, I am kind of slow at trying and splurging on some things, so I understand if you are on the fence about this too. But if you ever want to learn more, feel free to ask!

Anyways- if you are not ready to try Young Living (though some of the blends below are specific to the YL brand) you can still try these out with the oils you have or you can skip to the stove top recipes at the bottom ++ my Classic Christmas Playlist to play while making your home smell like the holidays!!!

Scents of XMAS.png
Diffuser Blends.png

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year: 3 Christmas Spirit + 2 Orange + 2 Frankincense

O Holy Night: 3 Orange + 5 Frankincense + 4 Myrrh

Sugar Plum Fairy: 4 Peppermint + 4 Orange + 2 Cinnamon Bark

WhoVille: 4 Stress Away + 3 Lemon + 3 Cinnamon Bark

The Santa Claus(e): 3 Christmas Spirit + 2 Thieves + 3 Orange + 2 Cinnamon Bark + 1 Nutmeg

White Christmas- 4 Tangerine + 4 Christmas Spirit


Joy to the World : 3 Joy + 2 Northern Lights Black Spruce + 3 Orange

Candy Cane Forest:  4 Stress Away + 2 Peppermint

O’ Christmas Tree: 2 Cedarwood + 3 Pine + 2 Cinnamon Bark + 2 Frankincense

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree: 4 Balsam + 2 Orange + 2 Cinnamon

*can replace NLBS if Balsam is unavailable

Winter Wonderland: 4 Eucalyptus + 4 Pine + 1 Northern Lights Black Spruce

‘Feeling that Gingerbread Feeling’: 3 Ginger + 2 Cinnamon Bark +2 Clove + 2 Nutmeg

Let it Snow: 4 Christmas Spirit + 3 Thieves + 2 Frankincense

Diffuser Blends (2).png

If you have never used a reed diffuser before here are some tips to get you started.

First, well, you will need a glass container + reed sticks. These are perfect to get started and of course can be found on Amazon!

Then you will need a light oil, something like sweet almond, safflower or even grapeseed can work, you only need a couple of tablespoons. Then to be sure that the oil soaks into the reed you want to use something like vodka or witch hazel 1-2 tablespoons should do the trick.

And finally, the fun part - adding in your oils! Typically, you want about 20-30 drops of oils. You can use something that is already blended like Young Living's Christmas Spirit (highly recommend this one!). Or make your own combo of favorite Christmas scents! To get you started I included some of my favorites below!

Remember to flip the sticks every few days to keep the reed fresh with scent!

3 Wise Men

10 drops frankincense essential oil

10 drops myrrh essential oil

10 drops orange essential oil

Christmas Spice

10 drops orange essential oil

10 drops cinnamon essential oil

5 drops clove essential oil

5 Nutmeg

Diffuser Blends (1).png

You will never go back to buying a room spray again after you start using oils to make your own. What you need:

4 oz. Glass Bottle

2 oz. Witch Hazel

2 oz. distilled/filtered water,

...then you just add in your essential oils!

I like my sprays to be strong so I usually go for 20-30 drops of oils but you can play around with the recipes below to get the combo to your liking or create your own! These are to just get you started!

Classic Christmas

10 Christmas Spirit

5 Orange

5 Cinnamon

5 Thieves

Holy Night

10 Orange

5 Frankincense

5 Myrrh

Christmas Spice

15 Orange

10 Cinnamon

5 Clove

Christmas Cookies

15 Stress Away

5 Lemon

5 Cinnamon

Diffuser Blends (3).png

Christmas Scent

1 Orange, sliced

1 cup (fresh) cranberries

3 cinnamon sticks

1 tablespoon whole cloves

Optional: 1 small branch of pine

Put all ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil then simmer. You can continue to add water as it gets low, the scent will stay all day!