Reclaiming Health After Baby

Like you, I indulged just a little too much during the holidays.

Possibly like you, I still am holding on to a bit more baby weight than I thought I would be at 19 months postpartum!

I am embarrassed to say this, considering I have been trained and certified in holistic nutrition. I know all of the the things to do to improve ones health and to get the weight off. But here I am still struggling.

But this is the year I share my stories and struggles not pretend I have it all together. Because I for sure as hell don’t.

I became really committed to getting on track with my health in the fall but as life would have it I hurt my back (working out at a more extensive pace than I was  plus carrying twin toddlers I assume was the cause) then we had those wild fires in NorCal. Which honestly scared the shit out of me and put a lot of things on a hold, because I just wanted to focus on being as present as I could with the family.

Consumed with the holidays and financial stress, the whole losing the baby weight motivation just flew out the window  and stress eating with fresh baked holidays treats happened instead.

As with the start of the new year. I promised myself that, this year I would finally stick to it. Like I said before, I know HOW to do it, I have done it before. I just have to stay consistent and not let raising two toddlers, working and taking care of a home get in the way….

All of those things come before me taking care of myself and it is REALLY HARD to not let it. I know there are people out there who are always talking about putting yourself first and you must make yourself the priority and its okay to be selfish blah blah blah. If you are on social media I feel like this shit is in your face all of the time.

And I agree with it - I do - I think it is important to take the time for yourself and not be last on the list of to-dos. However, I know I am not the only mom out there who really does find this a challenge most days. And seeing those picture perfect moms on instagram, kind of make you feel worse about yourself, EVEN if you KNOW that no mothers life is THAT picture perfect!

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Don't compare yourself to other motherswe are all losing our.png

Before and even after my babies I had read a lot about spirituality, self-help-empowerment -love- care - ...the list goes on. These concepts of taking care of oneself that everyone is always talking about  is certainly not new to me and I am sure it is not new to you either...

What is new to me is being a mother. Learning how to somehow “balance” everything I have to do to keep my kids alive and happy and then still have the laundry done, a healthy(ish) meal on the table, spending quality time with my significant other,   oh yea,  and carving out the time to make sure I am getting my “me” time.

The concepts that seemed so obvious before of ‘taking the time for yourself’, was starting to sound more like some cosmic joke.

Surely those who are writing these books, running these workshops and trainings all about this shit must not have two toddlers running around their house.

….I can picture them now writing their books in peace and quiet as they sip their high energy green juice in a shirt without a food or snot stain. ….WOW, I sound like a major bitch, but bare with me!

The reason I write this is because I know there are ways to find the time to prioritize your own health while taking care of a family. I know it is more than possible. I am in the process of figuring it out for where I currently am on this mothering journey.

As I heal from the crippling postpartum anxiety and bouts of depression and start to pull some pieces of my former self back together, with of course my new mom -self. I find I am over analyzing these topics that I so easily used to devour each day with so much interest.

I oftentimes laugh at how ridiculous some of this self-help movement has become and how LITTLE of it is applied to the true life of motherhood.

I hope to turn that around.

My dream is that once I start to piece all of this a little more together that I can help out other moms like you who are also trying to figure all of this out!

You can join me on this journey as I am going to share on my blog about what I have been doing each week to reclaim my health, banish this baby weight once and for all and heal the anxiety that has consumed my life.

If you were scrolling until you got to the how lose the baby weight  part of this long story- here you go!

Typically I would go through a detox mode, no sugar, no dairy, no gluten and then introduce very limited gluten and dairy back into my diet.

This time I decided to pull myself off of these things in a more slower- elimination diet type of way. The goal is just get back into eating more whole- foods rather than the processed shit that I was starting to buy again!

I truly feel so embarrassed and am mad at myself for doing this after knowing how bad it is for you. But the limited time and exhaustion left for nothing else some days.

My week 1 Meal Plan consists of eating WHOLE foods. Nothing that is processed from a box and when I want to nibble on something sweet, as it is my weakness, I have made super nutrient packed treats to get me through the craving and clean out  my body from the white sugar strom I  got lost in these past two months.

Along with the meal plan I created. I also committed to working out three times this week and set it up with a friend (also trying to lose her own baby-weight) so we could stay accountable together. We both chose to do at home workouts- without favorite celebrity trainer- Tracy Anderson.

Now these things are great for the physical body. But there is a lot of mental shit I am still working through. This is why I also decided to go back to weekly therapy sessions to talk about some of the trauma associated with my pregnancy and with how to cope better in handling this motherhood anxiety. Although I believe therapy can help tremendously if you are willing to also put in the effort I also needed to do something else for my mental state at home. So the #1 thing I have always done that has helped is to journal.

Journaling is a form of meditation and when you free write it can help you also tap into your higher self- or intuitive voice. You can ask questions and clearly get the answer you so need because once you sit for a moment you realize it was in you all along.

I used to journal everyday, sometimes twice a day. But that is not realistic for me right now. So I am making sure that I do a check in with myself one day per week. I have also committed to writing this blog. It is a creative outlet for me and in hopes to also help some other moms realize they are not alone in all of these struggles!

Incase you are curious here is the meal plan I am following this week. Note some of the items are linked to the recipes!

Meal Plan.png

REMEMBER!! My goal is to get the baby weight off! But more than that it is to get HEALTHY and BE STRONG again! I am easing myself into this by taking myself OFF of processed foods and white sugar (Week 1 Goal). This is not a lose- 21 lbs in 3 weeks type of deal. This is about getting back to creating a healthy lifestyle, one in which I used to live and plan to be able to sustain once again (and be an example for my own kids!)


Eggs + Sprouted Grain Toast

Protein Shake

Snack Options:

Green Smoothie

Oatmeal Energy Bites

Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

Raw Nuts & Fruit

Cheese + Raw Nuts

Lunch & Dinners*

Healthy Vegetable Fried Rice

Greek Chicken & Salad

Mixed Green Pear Salad

Italian Chicken & Vegetables with side of pasta

Taco Night (using GF- corn tortillas and beans)

Grilled Chicken & Pears

*lunch was left-over dinner or salad


Chocolate Chia Pudding with Strawberries

Greek Yogurt with Berries & homemade granola

Dark Chocolate 72% or higher



...And if i remembered in the mornings I would add some lemon to my water

Water intake had to be at least 3 liters per day. I have been HIGHLY addicted to having my water bottles around. Honestly It is like an anxiety reliever for me. I hate the filtered water from the fridge because I can still taste shit in it. So I decided to finally invest in a water filter and I just happen to get an amazing water bottle from my MIL for my birthday (which was 32 ounces). So I decided to use those to make sure I was getting my water intake met! While also saving money with the cut out of buying water bottles!

So there it is. My week 1 health goals that hopefully you can also start to implement if you are looking to start to slowly make lifestyle changes to your crazy mom life. Oh, a few months ago, when I was getting ready to start my coaching business, I wrote a 1-day cleanse guidebook. If you want a copy (yes, it is free) you can sign up to get it here!

Join me next week to learn what I am changing up in my diet, some mom- doable self- care actions and a new updated meal plan (hopefully with new recipes too!)