My First Post

I love to write. I have been writing since I was 8. I was a creative kid who would write my own children's stories; made my own character and everything. It was always a goal, no matter what career I embarked upon that I would also write a book...about what, I have no clue. But I always had the desire to write one.

After an immense amount of soul searching I have finally decided to start this blog. I have wanted to do this for a couple of years now. But it was never the time.


Because I wasn't smart enough, wasn't confident enough, wasn't far enough a long in my own physical, mental or spiritual practices; all of which were things I wanted to coach others on.  I felt like if I was to share these thing with others and I wasn't where I truly wanted to be then I would come off as a fraud.

So I never did it.

I wrote in my journals

I mentally would write articles about things-

but never put it out there for others to read.

I was afraid.

I totally let the fear get the best of me and ignoring the plan and dreams that God had placed within my heart. 

Then things changed. Like just recently.

Who cares!

I have SO much to share. And some of you might LOVE what I have to say. Others, well you may hate it. If that is the case then those who do, they don't have to read it, follow or like what I am putting out there. But if what I write about and share resonates with others and it can truly help someone, then I am totally being selfish by not telling my stories.

So, now, if you read this far you are probably curious what I will even be writing about...

Well I have been learning what true burnout feels like- and I fucken hate it! I was someone who had a workout, nutrition and spiritual routine/practice down- #likeaboss.

I overcame crippling anxiety, lost those last 10lbs that wouldn't budge for years- while building a ton of muscle and I stabilized my thyroid (well I have no thyroid, but was able to balance my body so my medicine stabilized!).

Then I became pregnant and since then all of this has gone right out the window.

The goal of this blog is to share how I get back my health and body - and mind (mom of little babes you get this…). I am going to share my past experiences on how I conquered a ton of crap and how I get back to that place while also balancing being a new mom of twins, working and taking care of home.

I hope my posts will inspire you to find the balance you also need! And if not, hopefully a lot of my stories will leave you feeling better about yourself or give a good laugh at whatever craziness happened to me!

Jennifer Czyzyk