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I started on a journey to better health about 10 years ago and where it has led me is beyond what I could have ever imagined. Finding better physical, emotional and spiritual health is what brought me to healing from past issues, to finding my person, having babies and having a whole new set of health issues to work through. It’s been up and down and all around, but it has been the best adventure and I know there is much more {amazing things} to come.

So here is a little about how I ended up on this path of studying and teaching health and wellness and where I currently am in life …

Since age four I have been battling severe and often times debilitating migraines and anxiety. When I was in my early 20s I ‘took my health back’ by learning how to find what worked for my body. I was able finally shed those unwanted pounds, lessen anxiety and have more manageable migraines. I still had my moments of course, but it was way more under control than in my past and without the need of prescription medication. - side note- I have nothing against medication when it is needed, it was just something, I personally wanted to be free of.

I became so interested in health and wellness, I was about half way through a second masters degree in Educational Counseling when I decided to quit to enroll in a health and nutrition program. After one year of study, I got Certified as a Holistic Health Coach which I thought would compliment my Masters Degree in Psychology. I was finally able to combine these two passion, that were so interconnected, to truly help others! I was so excited to get this all going and after a lot of back end work, I was finally ready to launch my business…

...and then found out I was pregnant….

...when I found out I was pregnant, I was so scared and SO not ready yet. I had the whole, start a family thing on my vision board. It was something I deeply desired to have a family of my own  (even though I didn't admit it to most people). We had JUST moved to California from New York, like literally, just, we were not even settled in our own place yet and there I was staring in disbelief over this VERY positive (like the lines could not be more pink) pregnancy test. The timing just did not seem right to me, it was not part of “the plan” yet.

Something I had yet to learn was that God always knows the perfect time for everything!

About a week after I found out I was pregnant,  the morning sickness kicked in. This was NOT what I expected pregnancy to be like at all. It was not just morning sickness for me, it was constant all day sickness; nausea and throwing up, severe migraines, cramps, boobs that were in so much pain I could barely shower and I had food and smell aversions to basically everything. I even made my (soon to be) husband change his soap he showered with. Literally, EVERYTHING made me sick.

Three months and two sonograms later we found out we were expecting twins!

 And a mere 2 weeks after that, we found out they were identical mono/mono twins ( a super rare and extremely high risk pregnancy )

 And then, maybe 3 weeks after finding out about the high risk situation that was my pregnancy,  I was diagnosed with cervical insufficiency, leaving me with a cerclage and on bed rest.

 Before the cervical insufficiency diagnosis I was already starting to have some intense anxiety and my emotions were all over the place from my hormones flooding my body. I was super insecure about feeling this sick, because it seemed like no one else I  knew was ever this bad during a pregnancy before. I felt judged and totally out of control of everything that was going on with my body. I had no way to truly protect my babies growing inside me except to stay sitting down all day, something I actually hated. I felt trapped in my  body and my mind. Even with all of my studying in psychology and health, it never occured to me that I was suffering from prenatal depression.

To keep this as brief as possible,  I had a 7-week hospitalization, our boys had a 5 week NICU stay, then after being home for about a month one my littles needed to undergo surgery.

 After all of these experiences and pushing down some hardcore depressive and panic feelings, I had some pretty intense postpartum anxiety and depression kick in.

 I tried a lot of different things to heal myself even tried to get coaching going as something to distract myself.

But distraction was the last thing I needed.  

I needed to heal, go to therapy and get back on the health and wellness routine that worked for me years ago. I just had to make it more flexible to work with the chaotic days that motherhood brings.  …. This took a lot of time to readjust and figure out!

 Life right now is hectic. Some days it feels like forever before it gets to be that time of day where I can finally lay down for a moment of peace. But the years already feel like they are flying by.

 As much as I have a passion and desire to coach other mothers on their whole health. It is just not something I can realistically do at this time. I want to spend this time with my boys, because it is going by rather quickly and more than anything I want to be truly present and enjoy these moments before they are gone.

 I was giving myself this all or nothing approach in starting a business. In my mind, I either I had to dedicate every moment to a coaching business or I had to just be at home with my boys. But when you have a passion for something and a dream that God plants in your heart, it is REALLY hard to ignore it. That is why I came up with this plan, to blog and write and when I  am inspired and have a little extra day of energy or time, provide you with guides and courses to help you along your journey. I hope you will take some time to explore this website. It has a mix of topics and you will see more health and wellness things appear over this next year. These posts, guides, courses will all be designed specially for moms who have little to no time and who desire to improve their health and their families health. I am excited for what is to come and I hope you will stick around to join me as this grows into more for all of you!

In Love & God Bless -