… a mom of identical twin boys, who is holiday and dessert obsessed, a health enthusiast, a wanna be baker & ballet dancer, and who loves to eat chocolate and binge on TV after my kids go to bed (#imsobasicitsembarassing)

I created this website back in 2015 to launch my health & wellness coaching practice, but after becoming a mom of two I found it almost impossible to keep up with everything I had set out to do - sleep deprivation does that to a person. Becoming a mother made me realize how hard it really can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle, something I was completely oblivious to before. As much as I wanted to coach it was not realistic for my current life. Since I have a deep passion and desire to talk and teach on health (physical, mental & spiritual), I figured, I could still help others, but by the way of blogging rather than 1:1 to work, for now...

… So that is what I am here doing…writing about my journey in motherhood,  sharing tips and tricks I am learning along the way in my attempt to balance health, home & family.

My mission is to inspire and motivate other moms who feel overwhelmed by the day - to - day  of motherhood and who desire to incorporate easy lifestyle changes to their family and personal routines —without feeling like it's impossible to live up to.

My goal is to share what I have learned to save you time, stress & money, allowing you to begin living {and maintain} a healthy lifestyle while you balance the everyday chaos of mom life ♡♡

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random facts

↠ I was born without a thyroid (I have been on synthyroid since I was a week old!)

↠ I love classic rock and grunge and my favorite bands are The Doors & The Smashing Pumpkins - however I also love classical music

↠ I have a deep love of anything 90s

↠ When I was in 4th Grade I told my Dad during our fishing trip I would catch a shark- and I did!

↠ I love reading and watching anything that has to do with ancient civilizations, astronomy or marine bio

↠ Due to having bad anxiety as a teenager I lived in an all girls school for 10th and 11th grade

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